Hot Udon


Hot udon is a staple comfort food in many Japanese households. Traditionally, slurping the soupy noodles while you’re enjoying it is a sign of respect and gratitude. We may start a new trend in Toronto, but for now, we’ll settle for a friendly smile or thank-you instead!

Cold Udon


Cold udon is usually served in the summer months but you can order a chilled bowl of udon anytime during the year at Kitanoya!

Extra toppings


Miso soup $2.00
Beef $3.00
Shrimp Tempura $4.00/3pcs
Noodles $2.00
Onsen Egg $1.50/pc
Nori $0.50
Pickle ginger $0.50
Gyoza(pork dumplings) $4/3pcs
Wakame Seaweed $1.00

Free toppings


Tempura flakes
Green onions

Donburi Rice Bowls


Sometimes, you just want a bowl of rice.
(Large/Small Size)

Side Dishes

Delicious appetizers to share