Udon Kitanoya


Udon Kitanoya is the first restaurant to bring authentic Kansai-style Japanese udon to Toronto! Experience traditional flavours of Japanese cuisine through Kitanoya’s signature dashi broth.


Popular Dishes

authentic & flavourful

Dashi, the essence of Japanese ingredients, is the heart and soul of Kitanoya’s udon. We make our dashi broth by using high quality ingredients including Japanese Kombu and 4 different types of dried fish such as tuna, mackerel, sardine and bonito. It is the perfect balance to enhance the delicate, yet full-bodied umami taste.

Niku Udon

Seafood Kakiage Udon


Shikatani Masatoshi

Japanese Master Chef
Executive Chef Shikatani Masatoshi is the mastermind behind Kitanoya’s carefully curated and diverse menu. With over 30 years of cooking experience in Japan, he is bringing the traditional udon flavours such as the Niku Udon, Japanese Curry Udon, and some more western influence dishes such as the Butter Garlic Clam, the Crab Chili Tomatoes, and the creamy Mentaiko – a modern take on traditional dish featuring Japanese spicy cod roe.